Gas Treatment


Syconair biological tower4

We developed a method to filter gas vertically in a tower. By creating optimal conditions in the tower for the heater, we are capable optimizes the performance recreating a vertical filter and optimal conditions for the filtering biofilm. The result is a compact and efficient tower, capable of removing over 99% of pollutants such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Our filter media consists of by-products from forests and agriculture (heather, tree bark and coconut fiber)

            + Very effective

            + 100% eco-friendly

            + Significantly less surface area needed



Other treatment methods

Chemical treatment

            Use of hazardous chemicals (sulfuric acid and caustic soda)

            Low yields

            Produce toxic leachates


Biological treatment

             Huge amounts of surface area needed.

            – Ineffective (Gas is not evenly spread across the filter material)