Syconwater and natantia biocubes


Syconwater & Natantia Biocubes

Bluemater developed a system that overcomes the problems of other systems, is completely eco-friendly and energy and cost efficient. We introduce the Syconwater biological tower. This system is, in contrast with other solutions, build vertically. This means that the amount of surface area needed for installment is small. Water is continuously pumped to the top of the tower and inside the tower biological cubes can be placed.

Secondly we developed the Natantia biocubes. These cubes have a unique internal design which increases the amount of surface spacesyconwater for the biofilm (biological slime that cleans the water) and spreads the water within the cubes evenly. The end result are more effective cubes that remove more pollution out of the water than any other competing product.


Syconwater biological towerbiocubes2

            + Significantly less surface needed

            + 8x smaller than other solutions

            +10x more energy efficient



Natantia biocubes

           + Prismatic percolator bed with inclined blades built from polyethylenebiocubes

           + UV-resistant

           + Large surface area for the biofilm  (> 250 m2/m3).

           + Can be used the Syconwater biological tower, or other solutions


Other systems

Biological treatment plants and biological cubes

             – Large amounts of surface area needed for installment.

             – The biocubes are limited in the amount of surface area for the biofilm (biological slime)

             – The water inside the cubes spreads unevenly, resulting in less contact with the biofilm.

             – Only partly effective